Hello! We are a small press on nail business based in Columbus, Ohio. Our business, Gumiho Nails, is named after a Korean mythical creature that takes the form of a shape-shifting nine-tailed fox.

Even as the press on nail industry grows, there is still a lack of diversity in the designs available to consumers in the United States, which is why Gumiho Nails makes press on nails inspired by Asian nail art and trends more accessible to people living outside of Asia.

We know many press on nails available in stores have very limited design options and having nails professionally done can be very expensive, so Gumiho Nails aims to give customers a third option that takes the affordable aspect of press on nails and the custom design aspect of getting nails professionally done to create a balanced medium.

We hope to build a business that allows everyone to have attractive nails without having to spend large amounts of money to get them done at a salon. Our goal is to give customers a simultaneously convenient and personalized experience that they can return to for any type of occasion!